WA PD Kovacs Rudy - two catches in one night!

WA PD Rudy's involvement in a car chase @ 2 years old!!


WA PD Kovacs Santos

WA Police Dog Kovacs Nacho

WA Police Dog Freddie (Chicco x Kiki son developed by Kovacs Kennels) named WA Police number one crime fighting Police Dog!

Some of Freddie's catches!

More on Jimmy

WA Police Dog Kovacs Jimmy makes his presence known! Fresh off course and already a couple of media appearances under his belt.



More arrests by Josè

WA Police Dog Kovacs Josè first media appearance!


WA Police Dog Kovacs Ernie's latest bust!


WA Police Dog Kovacs Geoffrey makes the news again!!





Kovacs Hesta (Allo) is now an operational police dog after successfully completing course at NT Police Dog Squad. This has been their first ever run course and Allo was one of only three to pass the course. Allo is pictured here with her handler at NT Police Dog Squad.

This is the feedback we received from Allo's handler:

"Allo has taken to the work like a duck to water and her enjoyment for work can be seen in her results on course.  Her tracking abilities as well as her prey and defensive drives have impressed us all.  It was said from another senior instructor that a bitch that excels in all aspects of Police work is very hard to find so we are very happy with her progression.  Our instructor has said that Allo has probably one of the best on/off switches that he has ever seen which I can agree on, as both of my kids constantly annoy her when she is at home, even pulling her tail while she is eating.  Put her work collar or harness on and instantly she is a different dog - awesome to watch.  She has a great temperament and will only get better with time on the road".


More on PD Kovacs Geoffrey!


PD Kovacs Enzo makes the news...




PD Kovacs Geoffrey nabs offender on his first shift since completing course!

See link


Kovacs Kennels is awarded by NSW Police Dog Squad!



Kovacs Geoffrey, Kovacs Georgie, Kovacs Gibby and Freddie graduate from course with the WA Police. All four dogs from five on the course were developed and supplied by Kovacs Kennels.




And another for PD Kovacs Ernie....Ernie was not injured at all, contrary to the media report.

Go PD Kovacs Ernie!

PD Kovacs Ernie makes the news again...

PD Kovacs Ernie makes the news!



PD Bosun set to retire! Bosun (Kovacs Bosch) hurt on the job in QLD

PD Bosun assists in arrest of a bikie responsible for Gold Coast shooting.

Another arrest for PD Bosun (Kovacs Bosch)!!

PD Bosun (Kovacs Bosch) named outstanding service canine!

PD Bosun's (Kovacs Bosch) involvement in the apprehension of Police Officer Damien Leeding's murderer.


PD Kahn (Kovacs Bert) steals the show at Townsville Police Academy open day!









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