Reko von Heisenberg (Chicco) IPO.1 - Frozen Semen

Reko von Heisenberg (Chicco) IPO.1 - Frozen Semen Reko von Heisenberg (Chicco) IPO.1 - Frozen Semen Reko von Heisenberg (Chicco) IPO.1 - Frozen Semen Reko von Heisenberg (Chicco) IPO.1 - Frozen Semen
Born: 22.03.2004
Titels: SchH.1 IPO.1
HD: Normal
ED: Normal

With a pedigree of this calibre, it is no surprise that Chicco has the ability to produce absolutely exceptional offspring. Chicco comes from a long line of dogs known to produce world champions, with many also having competed at this level themselves.

Chicco's father, Troll von Haus Milinda is one of the highest producers of world competitors of modern times, and having been a vice world champion himself - the quality coming from this dog cannot be argued as the numbers leave nothing more to say. Chicco is the only direct son of the famous Troll von Haus Milinda in Australia. Next in line is the world champion (WUSV) Natz von Tegelhous - the father of Troll who competed 3 times at the WUSV. But wait there is still more! The father of Natz, Fado von Karthago is also no stranger to competition at this level. Fado competed at the WUSV twice, leaving the competition a winner on one of those occasions. Fado also competed at the FCI world championship. Finally, no pedigree of champions is complete without the famous Orry von Haus Antverpa. Orry competed 6 times at the WUSV and twice at the FCI, being named world champion 3 times! Orry is the only German Shepherd in history to have accomplished such success.

Looking at Chicco's mother line, Faith av Xazziam is linebred 3,3-3 on the famous Mink von Haus Wittfeld and also 2-2 on Jenni/Jago Lindenhalle. These dogs are highly regarded throughout the world. With a combination like this, why look anywhere else? Chicco's bloodlines are known throughout the world to produce excellent results, and they certainly don't stop with him.

Chicco himself is every bit the complete package and then more. He is a large, powerful, masculine looking dog with a confident arrogance about him. Any who have worked this dog will attest to his intimidation factor. He has an insatiable prey drive and is always rearing to go. At the same time though, Chicco is a very stable, level headed dog who can be trusted not to act inappropriately. The real bonus, is that his offspring are every bit the quality that Chicco himself is. He has progeny throughout the country, in both service, security and sport/hobby training. He is also one of the only external stud dogs to have been used by NSW Police Dog Squad.

At the 2007 Schutzhund Australia National trial under SV and FCI judge, Haruo Masuda, Chicco was National Champion SchH1, National High in Trial, National H.O.T Champion and High in Trial Protection. Success produces success, this dog proves it.

We are incredibly lucky to have acquired such a fine dog, and fine producer.



Chicco's sire, Troll vom Haus Milinda


Troll von Haus Milinda
SchH.3 IPO.3 FH 3xWUSV Kkl.2 SG HD / ED: normal

Natz von Tegelhous
SchH.3 IPO.3 3xWUSV Kkl.2 SG
HD: normal

Fado von Karthago
SchH.3 IPO.3 FH 2xWUSV FCI Kkl.2 SG
HD: normal

Frika van Maarlohof
SchH.3 FH Kkl.2 HD: normal

Quira van Haus Heijack
SchH.3 IPO.3 Kkl.2 SG
HD: fast normal

Orry von Haus Antverpa
IPO.3 6xWUSV 2xFCI Kkl.2 G
HD: fast normal

Norma von Tegelhous
IPO.3 G HD: normal

Faith van Xazziam (Imp NWY)
HD / ED: normal

Collin vom Haus Ming
SchH.3 Kkl.2 G HD: fast normal

Iko von der Lindenhalle
SchH.3 FH Kkl.2 SG HD: normal

Jenni von der Lindenhalle
SchH.1 Kkl.2 G HD: normal

Nadja vom Cap Arkona
SchH.2 Kkl.2 G HD: normal

Jago von der Lindenhalle
SchH.3 FH HGH Kkl.1 V HD: normal

Uschi von Bonsdorf
SchH.2 Kkl.2 HD: normal

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