Kovacs Yoda BH

Kovacs Yoda BH Kovacs Yoda BH Kovacs Yoda BH
Born: 12.09.2016
Titels: BH

Yoda is a confident, energetic, medium sized black female. Yoda is loyal and attentive to her handler but also a little independant at the same time. She is currently on track for her IGP1 title. Yoda is incredibly precise, calm and concentrated in tracking, in obedience, she is exceptionally fast and precise and is very active yet obedient in protection possessing a strong, full, calm, purposeful grip. Yoda has excellent nerves, is social and environmentally stable.



Vondenaero Bedlam
WA Police Dog
HD/ED: normal
Nivo vom Lubarser Schlosschen
BH HD/ED: normal
Zar von der Schiffslache
IPO.2 Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Halfa vom Lubarser Schlosschen
SchH.3 IPO.3 Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Kvasers Jess
HD/ED: normal
Ajax vom Rohnsaler Bach
SchH.3 IPO.3 FH2 Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Kvasers Fixza
IPO.1 HD: normal
Kovacs Qaazi
HD/ED : normal

Drago vom Patriot
SchH.3 LGA Kkl.1 V HD: normal

Nox del Lupo Nero
SchH.3 IPO.3 Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Eiwie vom bosen Bruderblick
SchH.3 2xBSP Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Kovacs Esmerelda
IPO.2 HD/ED: normal
Vonforell Abbas
HD: normal
Kovacs Bindi
HD/ED: normal

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