Kovacs Vikus BH

Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH Kovacs Vikus BH
Born: 17.02.2015
Titels: BH

Vikus is a promising young male with some very special heritage. We were incredibly priviledged to have had the opportunity to use the very last frozen semen available worldwide from Magbert vom Blitzen-Stein. As an Orry vom Haus Antverpa grandson, Vikus and his littermates will be the last dogs to be descended so closely from such a very remarkable and highly successful GSD as Orry. Our special young male Vikus is very clear headed with a never ending work ethic and supremely intense drives. He brings immense enthusiasm to his every aspect of IPO work. Tracking is intense, he brings incredible handler focus and crazy drive in obedience and is strong and dominant in protection. Vikus recently obtained his BH and will continue in IPO.

Magbert was born in Japan in 1998. After having achieved his Schutzhund titles in Belgium, Magbert was exported to the USA by comedian Chris Tucker’s brother. Despite being a direct son of the highly accomplished Orry vom Haus Antverpa, it was actually the success of Magbert’s offspring that eventually drew attention to Magbert’s value. Along with his sire, Magbert has been the backbone of a high number of successful working GSD families. There are very few modern working GSD that are not from this family tree. Magbert himself was a medium size, medium strong dog with strong Schutzhund scores; SchH.1 99,98,100; SchH.2 100,98,99; SchH.3 93,97,99, and a Koerklasse 2. Magbert is known to produce dogs with substantial bone, strong working aptitude and high aggression.

Esmerelda is a very social, athletic female with high prey drive, a strong handler orientation and no shortage of aggression. Esmerelda comes from a very consistent litter, where all are similar in type and have a demonstrated strong working ability. Esmerelda is recently titled in IPO.2, while her three brothers are all active police dogs (NSW SERT Mako - Kovacs Eric, WA PD Kovacs Ernie/Enzo).

A few notable Magbert progeny:

Imzedrift’s Buffy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsMn-Bq-4lc

Imzedrift’s Basta WUSV

Zidane vom Haus Sevens WUSV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li0fK4Ew8xQ

Zorro de Zennevallei FCI

Lutz del Xixon FCI

Larry del Xixon WUSV

ChaDe's Onik FCI

Iwan von Haus Valkenplatz Danish Nationals

Arrak vom Scandinawian FCI, WUSV, Swedish Championships

Amichi van Huize Wellewy FCI



Magbert vom Blitzen-Stein
SchH.3 IPO.3 HD: normal


Orry von Haus Antverpa
SchH.3 IPO.3 1992 WUSV Sieger 1996 WUSV & FCI Sieger 6xWUSV 2xFCI Kkl.2 G 
HD/ED: normal
Verwin van Blitseard
SchH.3 IPO.3 Kkl.1 SG HD:fast normal
Steffi van Tiekerhook
SchH.3 VH.3 Kkl.2 SG HD:normal
Erika Mat-Roz
IPO.3 ZVV.2 Kkl.2 1997 FCI Sieger 2xWUSV
HD: normal
Charon z Pdskalky
IPO.3 ZM FCI HD:normal
Ema Nemo
IPO.3 ZVV.3 HD:normal
Kovacs Esmerelda 
IPO.2 HD/ED: normal

Vonforell Abbas

Vonforell Vocho

Vonhargadain Bali

Kovacs Bindi
HD/ED: normal


Reko von Heisenberg
SchH.1 IPO.1 HD: normal
Kovacs Annika
SchH.3 IPO.3 VPG.2 HD: normal

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