Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3

Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3 Kovacs Qaiser IPO.3
Born: 27.12.13
Titels: BH IPO.3
HD: 2-2
ED: 0-0

Qaiser is a confident, athletic male from the highly sought after Drago vom Patriot. Qaiser is both physically and mentally strong, with well balanced drives and solid nerves. He is highly dominant yet loyal and incredibly calm in the home environment. Qaiser is a consistent and calm tracker, shows good drive and handler focus in obedience, is strong and convincing in protection work showing crushing, firm and purposeful grips. Qaiser recently competed in the WGSDCA IPO National Championship, winning HIT Protection and Highest scoring handler, owner, ad trainer (HOT).

Qaiser is a culmination of what is among the most popular studs worldwide and one of our finest, Kovacs Esmerelda. This is certainly working dog breeding at its best. Drago is a strong, powerful, substantial and dominant male. These same qualities are also prevalent in his father, Nox. Drago's mother shows no less, having competed twice at the BSP (German IPO Nationals). Esmerelda is a confident, athletic and strong willed female. She is from a highly consistent litter of workers with her 3 brothers all active police dogs (WA PD's Ernie and Enzo, NSW SERT PD Mako - Kovacs Eric).









V Drago vom Patriot
SchH.3 Kkl.1 HD/ED: normal

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SchH.3 Kkl.2 G HD: normal
Bona vom bosen Bruderblick
SchH.1 Kkl.2 G HD: normal

Kovacs Esmerelda
IPO.2 HD/ED: normal

Vonforell Abbas
Vonforell Vocho

Vonhargadain Bali

Kovacs Bindi
HD/ED: normal
Reko von Heisenberg 
SchH.1 IPO.1 HD: normal
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SchH.3 IPO.3 VPG.2 HD: normal

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