Jira Ja Na Ka (Imp CZE)

Jira Ja Na Ka (Imp CZE) Jira Ja Na Ka (Imp CZE) Jira Ja Na Ka (Imp CZE)
Born: 16.10.2016
HD: "a" normal LUW-0 OCD free
ED: "a" normal

Jira is a young, well proportioned, medium sized, grey sable female with impeccable health, arrived in Australia end November 2017. She is a very willing, social, exhuberant bitch with unwavering nerve and solid drives. We bought Jira as a pup and are glad to have made the investment. Considering her nature, superb breeding and excellent health, Jira will make an invaluable addition to our breeding program.

Jira’s sire, Edge vom Eisernen-Kreuz, is a large, powerful, confident and highly dominant male with extreme, crushing grips. Edge shows nice, balanced tracking, willingness in obedience, and strong dominant protection - attempting to stop the helper at every opportunity. Edge shares the same breeding and quality as the "D" litter Eisernen-Kreuz, which makes him brother to 2017 WUSV Champion, and first female in history to take the title - Debby vom Eisernen-Kreuz. The "D" and "E" litters Eisernen-Kreuz along with their parents are currently dominating the world of working German Shepherds. Dina, Debby, Dexter and Dinoso have all shown at high level IPO competition, all demonstrating the same intensity and conviction in their work as does Edge and the "E" litter. Both are from the combination Quardes von der Staatsmacht and Yucca von der Mohnwiese, by far the most outstanding combination Quardes has had in breeding and the best way to add his blood. The success of this family is indisputable and continues from Edge, Quardes, through to Agent and even further back throughout this family. Such homogenous results in breeding are what we aspire to, and a further reason why we sought to get our hands on this family with the addition of both Jira and Pepper von Kap Karthago.

Jira's dam, very similar in physical type, is Bira Ja Na Ka. Bira is full sister to the incredible 2 x BSP winner and multiple times WUSV competitor, Bolle Ja Na Ka. Bolle was a very strong and highly workable male with consistently solid form in competition. We have seen a number of impressive offspring from Bira to a number of other males which also influenced our decision to buy Jira. All show super workability, insatiable work ethic and have the same flawless health as Jira. Bira is from the highly sought after Leon von der Staatsmacht. Leon is a highly consistent producer of strong and determined dogs. Bira's dam, Bora has a reputation for being a very strong bitch, this is not surprising as a Honza Okal granddaughter. Honza is typical of and goes back to Manto vom Kahlenbach lines - a bloodline known for producing dominant dogs with vice like grips. Honza is arguably one of the best Czech dogs in history.

We look forward to seeing the results from this impeccable family tree in our breeding!


Edge vom Eisernen-Kreuz



Eysha vom Eisernen-Kreuz


Debby vom Eisernen-Kreuz


Dexter vom Eisernen-Kreuz


Dina vom Eisernen-Kreuz


Dinoso vom Eisernen-Kreuz



G Edge vom Eisernen-Kreuz
IPO.3 LGA Angekört Lbz.
HD/ED: normal ZW: 82


Quardes von der Staatsmacht
SchH.3 IPO.3 BSP Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Agent vom Wolfsheim
SchH.3 IPO.3 BSP WUSV FH.2 Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Gracia von der Staatsmacht
SchH.3 Kkl.1 SG HD: fast normal
Yucca von der Mohnwiese
SchH.1 RH.1 Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Tyson von der Adelegg
IPO.3 LGA Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Bira von der Teufelskehle
SchH.3 LGA Kkl.1 V HD: normal

Bira Ja Na Ka
ZVV.1 VD 2
HD/ED: normal

Leon von der Staatsmacht
SchH.3 LGA Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Asko von der Lutter
IPO.3 FH 3xBSP 3xWUSV Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Franka von der Staatsmacht 
SchH.1 Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Bora Excalibur Europa
VPG.1 HD: normal
Jeff Eqidius
IPO.3 SchH.3 Kkl.2 SG HD: normal
Slava Eqidius
SchH.1 HD: normal

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