Kovacs Uzi

Kovacs Uzi Kovacs Uzi Kovacs Uzi Kovacs Uzi
Born: 22.12.2014

Uzi is from a one time breeding from Yaspo vom Haus Kasfeld x Kovacs Eva. As one of few Yaspo progeny in Australia, Uzi is very unique. She is a substantial, athletic and exceedingly confident bitch. Uzi has solid prey drive, is incredibly possessive, loyal and fiery. She is extremely handler oriented and will do anything to please her handler. While not particualrly friendly to strangers, she is a very stable bitch. Uzi is the only offspring available from this breeding to continue her bloodline, her sister Uno is an active police dog in NSW having recently graduated from her course, her only other litter sister, Ufo, is with a breeder in NZ. Litter brother Utah is a Corrections K9 in Victoria.

Yaspo is a large, powerful, and confident male. While extremely dominant, he retains his ability to take direction from the handler and shows a strong work ethic. Yaspo excels in all three phases of IPO, as a careful and precise tracker, shows willingness and drive in obedience, and high aggression, strength, confidence and power in protection. Yaspo only just missed out on a place at the WUSV 2014 representing Belgium.

Yaspo is a half brother to 2014 and 2015 BSP winner and WUSV third place 2014, Bolle Ja Na Ka, and 2xWUSV competitor from Belgium, King vom Haus Challege. His sire, Leon von der Staatsmacht is a highly consistent producer of dogs with strong, determined, purposeful and convincing protection work. Leon’s sire, Asko von der Lutter competed at both the BSP and WUSV 3 times, leaving both competitions a winner once, and as runner up twice. Yaspo's dam, Heydi vom Sportpark is linebred on Belschik/Brix von Eicken Bruche (2-3) – these dogs have a reputation for producing the same explosiveness they also demonstrate in their work. Heydi’s dam, Darling vom Sportpark is full sister to the accomplished Eric vom Sportpark, one of the best performing dogs in 2007-2009 in Germany, competing 3 times at the BSP and twice at the WUSV, runner up on one occasion.

Eva is a strong, confident and highly athletic bitch. She approaches work with enthusiasm and conviction. She is highly driven, handler oriented, and also incredibly powerful. Eva executes everything that is asked of her with absolute commitment. Eva comes from a highly proven and consistent family of working dogs with three brothers active in police work (WA PD Kovacs Ernie, WA PD Kovacs Enzo and NSW SERT Dog Mako - Kovacs Eric). She has a number of half siblings also serving as police dogs as well as her own offspring – all males from our “L” and “N” litters, NSW PD Marley - Kovacs Louie, WA PD Kovacs Nacho/Nas as well as three of five males from our "R" litter - WA PD Kovacs Rudy/Radek/Raúl. Kovacs Ninja is one of her most popular daughters being a solid performer in IPO.

*Yaspo has an angekört (breed survey), which means he is highly recommended for breeding, as he conforms very closely to the breed standard and has passed the Drive, Self Assurance, and Stress Tolerance test with pronounced result.






Yaspo vom Haus Kasfeld
IPO3 Ange. SG HD / ED: normal

Leon von der Staatsmacht
SchH.3 Kkl.1 V HD:normal
Asko von der Lutter
SchH.3 IPO.3 FH 3xBSP 3xWUSV Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Franka von der Staatsmacht
SchH.1 Kkl.1 SG HD:normal
Heydi vom Sportpark
SchH.3 IPO.3 Kkl.1 SG HD:normal
Corax vom Rosier Clan
SchH.3 IPO.3 BSP Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Darling vom Sportpark
SchH.3 Kkl.2 G HD: normal
Kovacs Eva
HD / ED: normal

Vonforell Abbas

Vonforell Vocho

Vonhargadain Bali

Kovacs Bindi
HD/ED: normal

Reko von Heisenberg
SchH.1 IPO.1 HD/ED: normal
Kovacs Annika
SchH.3 IPO.3 VPG.2 HD/ED: normal

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