Kovacs Lexa BH

Kovacs Lexa BH Kovacs Lexa BH Kovacs Lexa BH Kovacs Lexa BH Kovacs Lexa BH Kovacs Lexa BH
Born: 20.03.12
Titels: BH
HD: 0-0
ED: 0-0

Lexa is a very athletic and intense female with high prey drive, a strong handler orientation and no shortage of fight drive. While she is not particularly friendly to strangers, Lexa is clear headed and stable. Lexa is from a strong working family. Her one and only sibling is an active police dog - NSW PD Marley (Kovacs Louie), her sire, Trentham Yoda is a highly decorated NZ police dog. Lexa is highly unique considering our two "L" litter dogs are the only offspring from Yoda in Australia. Lexa's dam, Kovacs Eva is a strong, confident bitch with enormous prey drive and unlimited aggression. Eva is from a highly consistent litter, all are similar in type and with three brothers active in police work - WA PD Kovacs Ernie/Enzo NSW SERT PD Mako (Kovacs Eric).





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