WA Police Dog Nikko (Vondenaero Bedlam) - Frozen Semen

WA Police Dog Nikko (Vondenaero Bedlam) - Frozen Semen WA Police Dog Nikko (Vondenaero Bedlam) - Frozen Semen WA Police Dog Nikko (Vondenaero Bedlam) - Frozen Semen
Born: 16.10.2012
Titels: Police Dog

WA Police Dog Nikko is a large, powerful and confident male. He is environmentally sound, very social and level headed amongst people but not particularly interested in any person other than his handler. He is an exceptionally talented tracking dog, shows good attitude in obedience while not being over the top. He posseses a full, calm grip and is very serious in protection. Nikko is from imported parents and shows a popular pedigree. He is linebred 3-3 on Ellute von der Mohnwiese. Ellute was a highly sought after dog during his time, having been used extensively at stud around the world. Frozen semen available to serious buyers only.





Nivo vom Lubarser Schlosschen (Imp GER)
BH HD/ED: normal

Zar von der Schiffslache
IPO.2 Kkl.1 V HD: normal
Ellute von der Mohnwiese
SchH.3 FH 2xBSP Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
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Kvasers Jess (Imp SWE)
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Ajax vom Rohnsaler Bach
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Ellute von der Mohnwiese
SchH.3 FH BSP Kkl.1 SG HD: normal
Jabina Mie
BHP.2 HD: normal

Line breeding: 3-3 Ellute von der Mohnwiese
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